Why Switch to Digital Radio?

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Why Switch to Digital Radio?

While speaking at the 2014 Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Malaysia, WorldDMB President Patrick Hanon stated that Norway would cease the transmission of all its FM radio services in 2017 and plans to replace it with DAB+ digital radio.

Although DAB+ has only been around since 2011, it has made particular progress in Europe and is continually flourishing in Asian markets as well.

Hanon gave the following reasons why broadcasters should start moving towards digital radio:

-          DMB+ broadcasting costs far less than FM radio. The cost of running a DMB+ service is only 10% compared to traditional broadcasting.

-          The availability of DMB+ receivers has grown exponentially in mass markets and is readily available for many users worldwide.

-          Receiving a digital signal is far more efficient than its FM counterpart is. The batteries in some devices could last up to 7 times longer in digital receivers.

-          Car manufacturers have taken a significant interest in integrating DMB+ as a standard option.

-          If broadcasters do not stake out the spectrum now they will lose it to others who want to use that spectrum.

He continued his argument by mentioning that 44% of the cars in the UK have DAB+ radio as a standard and as a result, stations like Absolute Radio have more than doubled their audience by launching new digital channels.

“The world is changing. Broadcasters must innovate… digital radio is part of that innovation and the time is now,” he said.