Best Things to Say as a Radio Host: What to Say on Radio

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Best Things to Say as a Radio Host: What to Say on Radio

On the premise that every topic is valid as long as it stimulates the curiosity, interest, and attention of the listeners, we can limit ourselves to presenting the Macro Topics that a radio broadcaster normally talks about on the radio:

Current Affairs: current news is the powerhouse of radio. Radio has the advantage of being the fastest and most direct means of communications when compared to others (TV, newspapers, the internet). While we are in the office, in our cars, or in the shower, the radio tells us about events the moment they happen, accentuating the element of immediacy which classifies radio in relation to all other means of communication. Current affairs, the here-and-now, contribute to making radio one of the most modern means of communication, even when compared to the internet.

Music: music is one of the most welcome themes. New music releases and the latest on the artists’ projects are always of great interest to listeners. It’s a good rule for a radio announcer to keep himself updated on the latest trends and at the same time enrich his own musical culture by listening to the great artists of the past.

Trends from around the World: people are more and more attracted by the trends which come from other parts of the world (ex. the new look from New York, the latest flash mob out of Berlin, or the new music genre from Kingston, Jamaica). The broadcaster is "the people’s voice", the one who tells us what’s going on in the rest of the world and how society is evolving. It’s a good idea for a radio host to read magazines regularly and be updated on what is happening in the rest of the world. When possible, he should travel a lot too.

Events: exhibits, international festivals, theater events, concerts, and also mentioning important local or national festivals are of interest to the radio public, who is always in search of something interesting to see or do. The broadcaster, a man of the world and the people’s voice, has to know what’s going on in the city or country. He has to have the scoop on what’s happening and maybe even go deeper into the subject with interviews, correspondents, or various kinds of sound supports.

Cinema: over the years, radio listeners have shown an increased interest in movies. The topic of cinema attracts attention, even on the radio, especially thanks to trailers and news regarding upcoming films. What new movies are out this weekend? What’s the name of the new actor in the latest Sean Penn movie? Where’s the new Woody Allen film previewing? How much did the last Harry Potter episode make worldwide? A broadcaster should know these things or at least know where to get the information, in order to best serve his listeners.

Weather and Traffic Info: listening to the radio in our cars has greatly increased. The average listener loves to be informed on the traffic and weather situations as he travels. Besides being a very useful service for the listening public, it is one of the topics which seem to interest listeners the most.