Why Switch to Digital Radio?

While speaking at the 2014 Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Malaysia, WorldDMB President Patrick Hanon stated that Norway would cease the transmission of all its FM radio services in 2017 and plans to replace it with DAB+ digital radio. Although DAB+ has only been around since 2011, it has made particular progress in Europe and is continually flourishing in Asian markets as… Continue reading

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What do you know about radio?

The radio has a long, rich and interesting history, much of which is not commonly known.  Here is a short list of some fun facts you may not know about how radio’s history still influences us today. Guiglielmo Marconi sent the first ever radio transmission in 1896. Despite being known as “the father of radio”, he was only able to transmit… Continue reading

Radio Fun Facts

What's your favorite radio station genre?

Like any self-respecting business or media sector, the broadcasting sector is characterized by stiff competition between companies where the object of contention is the market share. Every Broadcasting Editor will try to secure the greatest number of listeners in order to increase the advertising income of the company. The reason is simple: the more listeners a Broadcasting Station is able to… Continue reading

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Why Should Advertisers Choose Radio?

1. Radio effectively targets audiences Radio stations and their content are as diversified as the people who listen to them. This gives advertisers the possibility to reach specific audiences at specific times. Since a vast amount of radio stations are local, the radio also allows advertisers to choose where they'd like to advertise as well. 2. Radio is the medium of choice… Continue reading

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Radio Host - Rule 2: Smile as you Talk

The second rule for a radio host is: smile as you talk. This is a rule that refers to an announcer-entertainer and not to an announcer of information or a radio newscaster. Smiling as you talk is fundamental to giving a pleasing, light, happy tone to what you’re saying. The rule should be taken literally, in the sense that you need… Continue reading

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Today is World Radio Day

Today is World Radio Day. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) first proposed this event on November 3, 2011 during their 36th General Conference and in December 2012, it was made official. Many UN countries and businesses in both the public and private sectors supported the realization of this project because of all the mass media in the world,… Continue reading

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Traditional radio vs Web radio: Who wins?

The internet is accessible pretty much everywhere you go these days. Whether at home, work, in our cars or just going for a stroll in the city, the internet is just a push of a button away.  And so is the radio. The popularity of streaming radio stations has been steadily increasing since its introduction years ago yet the traditional AM/FM… Continue reading

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Radio Host - Rule 9: Don't Run on about yourself

Excerpt from "Theories and Techniques of Radio Broadcasting" Another very important rule for all new radio hosts: don’t run on about yourself. Those who work in radio often forget that on the other side of the mike there’s someone who’s listening and who’s moved by, criticizes, and judges what he’s listening to. A typical error is to “run on about yourself”, meaning to… Continue reading

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Hedge Mustard: the radio broadcaster's herb

Excerpt from "Theories and Techniques of Radio Broadcasting" Known as the “singers’ plant”, hedge mustard is a plant with almost magical powers for those who work with the voice. In our case it’s very useful for resolving tiny problems of the throat, loss of voice, or hoarseness. The plant was known and used in antiquity, but was only carefully studied starting in the 16th… Continue reading

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What is good and what is bad for our voices?

Excerpt from "Theories and Techniques of Radio Broadcasting" Just as a model must take care of his body, a radio host must pay attention to his voice. Naturally, the cold of the winter months, gusts of wind, and loud screaming are out-and-out threats for those who work in the field of radio. Actually, these are not the only things which put the quality… Continue reading

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