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Our staff includes young people from across Italy with the desire to do and to learn.

Our non-profit organization is a Web Radio, Blog, Forum and a TV On Demand.
We have performed the best audio-video interviews to the biggest names of the Italian music including, Anna Tatangelo, Zero Assoluto, Loredana Errore and many others.
We have agreements with management agencies and organization of events.

Let the willing speaker, DJ, web master, printing office workers, graphic designers, cameramen, audio-video editors, bloggers, editors Facebook pages.

To cooperate with us the distance is not a problem, you can make your contribution no monetary interests remotely using a computer from anywhere in the world.

Who wants to be part of our staff must be a valid person with the desire to do and to learn. Even those who are just starting out will initially be instructed and helped by our staff to fit and to take part in operations inside the radio, enjoying a return of image on our site, and experience a new project to be carried out.
Furthermore you will have access to video courses conducted by our Director who will guide you step by step for the radio role you chose.

Everything will be done with professionalism and passion.

To join our team, as a first step with registered name (capital letters) to our forum at

Choose your role on Radio Artista!

Speakers or DJ can do this in two ways:
1) Presenting the radio program:
2) Becoming speaker officer interviews:

Press / preparation:
Graphic and / or Audio-Video Editor:
Web Master:
Entertainer of the public on Facebook and Twitter at:
For other roles such as forum moderator, Teamspeak server, Minecraft server, Legal, affiliations Officer, cameraman, Vps, Radionomy and so send us an email or a message on Facebook.
Simply write to us! We respond to all!

Here are our contacts:


Facebook: Radio Artista

Visit our website: